Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to... me?

My birthday is on the 13th. Just around the corner. We were on our way to Oaks Park, an amusement park in Portland. Like last year, we were going to the park for my birthday and had a bunch of my closest friends join us. Just as we pulled through the Park gates Noah handed me my dad's iPad to show me something someone did with Paper. There is a section called Made with Paper that exhibits the best things people have sent in. I usually check Made with Paper to see what people have submitted to glean some ideas and inspiration (i.e. the Face in the Mirror is one I saw). So I started flipping through the art and...
BOOM! My Fingerprints art was on there! What a birthday present, eh?
right there in the bottom left corner of Made with Paper.
But the best birthday present was having my best friend and fellow artist Emily there.
So... Happy Birthday. To me. And also to Em, her birthday is the 10th.


  1. How cool for you! Happy almost birthday and happy birthday to Emily too!

  2. that's awesome! happy early birthday.