Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MutualFriend Artwork: Pencil #2

MutualFriend Artwork
Pencil #2
General Robert E. Lee
This piece of art work is a drawing of General Robert E. Lee, leading Confederate general of the Civil War. I have a few postcards that Josiah gave to me with pictures of various scenes and generals from the Civil War. This is also one of my top favs.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

MutualFriend ArtWork: Pen Sketch #1

MutualFriend ArtWork
Pen Sketch: #1
A Medieval Ride
 This piece of Art work was done with a ball-point pen. We have an "illustrated classic" called Ivanhoe, so I saw a drawing I liked and copied it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Artist

Name: Tyler Rice
Age: 16 years-old as of August 13th
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite NFL Team: San Francisco 49ers
Least Favorite NFL Team: Dallas CowgirlsBoys
Favorite Thing to do with Time on Hands: Sketch
Pet Peeve: Not being in Style
If on an Island with One Person, Who: My brother Josiah.
    I've loved art since I can remember. I recall laying down on the floor of our bedroom in our first house in Corvallis just drawing stick figure wars. Over and over. All I wanted for my birthdays were sketch pads. And pencils. One of my pet peeves is when I can't find a sharp pencil. Then again, if I can't find one a ball-point BIC pen is fine.
    I love style in my clothes, I love art, I love photography, I love studying all kinds of animals, horses are my fav. I love History, War History stuff and all kinds really, I love classics, LOVE reading. Don't know what I would do without books. Books give me ideas for art. They take me to a different world.
    Love church, especially singing in Worship Service. Not that I can, I just love being in that atmosphere. You can't tell me there's not a God when you're in a Worship Service.
    Love talking to my Best Friend Jake Napier. Even though he's like four years older then me, he's the best friend you could ask for. Always saying something positive, always has a joke on hand to lighten up the mood. Always has something to laugh about. A story of his own mishaps, or a story of someone else's.
    Love hanging out with my siblings. Especially Jonathan, Mackenzie, and Josiah. Monique and Naomi are the best SiL's ever had.
    I Love hanging out with my dad, cause he's the best Pastor in the world. I'm so glad that he decided to let God use his life how God wanted, not go and make the millions I know he could be making. He knows that life isn't wrapped up in the things that you buy and the money you have. It's wrapped up in souls. Hurting souls that need Jesus. People just like me. Who need a personal saviour who breaks the chains of sin. He gets up into the pulpit three times a week and preaches Jesus Christ to Corvallis. It doesn't matter what's going on in his life, if finances are at an all time low or if he's on top of the world. The message is always the same. There's a living God who wants to set you free.
    Love my mom, who is always making sure all TEN of her kids are fed and taken care of, and that their staying right with God. Slaves over us day to day. Nobody told she had to have ten kids. But that's what she wanted. Because she knows that their a blessing. Which is why she pours her heart out to bring orphans home to families. The best mom you could ask for.
    Most of all, I love God. The only one who could save me from my sins. The only one who could comfort me when I'm depressed, or feeling mad at everything and everyone. It's not about just going to church, a list of Do's and Do Not's, saying prayers, or even just believing really. It's about having a personal relationship. It's about feeling something bigger then life itself. It's about Jesus Christ.
-- Tyler Rice

Thursday, July 19, 2012

MutualFriend ArtWork: Colored Pencil #2

MutualFriend ArtWork
Colored Pencil #2
A Battle-worn Knight
This piece of Art work, A Battle-worn Knight was a drawing I did a few months ago. I'm mostly impressed by this one because I didn't look at anything for inspiration. My personal favorite colored pencil drawing. I did this with many various colored pencils, and a mechanical pencil.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MutualFriend ArtWork: Pencil #1

MutualFriend ArtWork:
Pencil #1:
Albert Einstein
I did this with a no. 2 pencil. It started out as Mark Twain but the neck was too big. So it turned out looking like ol' Albert. Probably my favorite and best drawing.
P.S. there you go Monique

Friday, July 13, 2012

Internet/Artist Down-MutualFriend ArtWork: Colored Pencil #2

  •     Reason #1 for no Post: Had to move so our internet has been down.
  •     Reason #2 for no post: Long story so don't hold your breath. Either two of you.

    I was swimming at my brother Josiah's apartment pool. My brothers Jonathan and Josiah decided to see if they could swim from one end of the pool and back underwater. They did, so unsuspecting-self-inflicting-victim (me) decides to do it. Well USIV has his contacts in and can't open his eyes underwater. First lap goes good. USIV turns a 180 degree angle. Or thinks he does. It was in fact a 90 degree angle. USIV does not see Concrete Pool Wall. USIV starts running out of breath hence he starts swimming REALLY fast. USIV and CPW meet each other's heads. CPW's head is made of concrete USIV's is made of skin and bone. CPW fares fine, USIV not so much. So there's the story. Moral of Story: Contacts don't make good underwater vision enhancers.
Anyway. I'll post artwork now.
I drew this from a picture on a lid of a color pencil container. This is my first piece of artwork using only color pencils. The black lines are made from brown pencil. The red on the lips is a mixture of a light brown and a reddish brown.