Friday, July 13, 2012

Internet/Artist Down-MutualFriend ArtWork: Colored Pencil #2

  •     Reason #1 for no Post: Had to move so our internet has been down.
  •     Reason #2 for no post: Long story so don't hold your breath. Either two of you.

    I was swimming at my brother Josiah's apartment pool. My brothers Jonathan and Josiah decided to see if they could swim from one end of the pool and back underwater. They did, so unsuspecting-self-inflicting-victim (me) decides to do it. Well USIV has his contacts in and can't open his eyes underwater. First lap goes good. USIV turns a 180 degree angle. Or thinks he does. It was in fact a 90 degree angle. USIV does not see Concrete Pool Wall. USIV starts running out of breath hence he starts swimming REALLY fast. USIV and CPW meet each other's heads. CPW's head is made of concrete USIV's is made of skin and bone. CPW fares fine, USIV not so much. So there's the story. Moral of Story: Contacts don't make good underwater vision enhancers.
Anyway. I'll post artwork now.
I drew this from a picture on a lid of a color pencil container. This is my first piece of artwork using only color pencils. The black lines are made from brown pencil. The red on the lips is a mixture of a light brown and a reddish brown.

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